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Japanese toy icons; Medicom Toy are celebrating their 25th Anniversary in 2021!

Founded by Tastuhiko Akashi in 1996 for the sole reason of creating the coolest toys for himself; Medicom finally found its niche in its signature BE@RBRICK model which came to life in May 2001 as a progression of their famous Kubrick figure. Since then; the BE@RBRICK has become a cultural icon spanning the world and a range of subcultures and niches drawing from streetwear, art and design.

The success of this collectible and highly customisable BE@RBRICK figure is thanks to a seemingly never-ending list of collaborators includes everyone from; Kaws, Disney, BAPE, Chanel, Sorayama, Nike, Comme Des Garçons, Undercover and Fragment to only name a few as well as an ongoing series of art licences including Jean Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jackson Pollock & Vincent van Gogh among others.

That being said, BE@RBRICK is only one fraction of what Medicom Toy do. From producing figures for KAWS to mini figures for Japanese capsule vending machines, high end fashion collaborations right through to bronze statues of works from renowned street artist Banksy, Medicom encompasses a well-rounded and extensive cultural resume of products that connect with people all around the world.

In one way or another Medicom Toy has made its way into our hearts and homes over the years and continue to give the people what they want which is one of the reasons why they still remain relevant 25 years later.

  • Series 43
  • 400%
  • 1000%

Medicom Toy has cooked up a special batch of the original 100% size (70mm tall) BE@RBRICKS for the 20th Anniversary of the series. These addictive little collectibles come in a ‘blind box’ meaning that you don’t know what’s inside the box until you open it!

This anniversary series contains licensed figures from The Gremlins, Keith Haring, The Terminator, Batman, and more!


Basic Be@rbrick

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