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Medicom Toy Be@rBrick Lots-O 400%

Product image 1Medicom Toy Be@rBrick Lots-O 400%
Product image 2Medicom Toy Be@rBrick Lots-O 400%

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Lots-O Costumer Ver. 400% Be@rbrick

Medicom Toys has teamed up with Pixar for its latest Bearbrick collaboration 1000% BE@RBRICK by Medicom Toy.

Lots-O, also known as Lots-O'Huggin' Bear, is a character from the movie "Toy Story 3." He is a plush bear who serves as the main antagonist in the film. Lots-O was once a beloved toy who ended up at a daycare center called Sunnyside after being accidentally left behind by his owner. However, over time, he became bitter and jaded, ruling the daycare with a strict and authoritarian regime.

Lots-O is known for his strawberry scent, worn appearance, and his deceptive nature. He presents himself as a kind and caring teddy bear, but in reality, he is manipulative and selfish. He plays a pivotal role in the plot of "Toy Story 3" as the leader of the toys at Sunnyside, and his actions drive much of the conflict and tension in the film.

Ultimately, Lots-O is defeated by the Heroic, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and their friends, and he ends up being trapped on a conveyor belt into landfill.


  • 400% is approx 28cms tall.
  • Lots-O 400% is family friendly 
  • 400% BE@RBRICK by Medicom Toy
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