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Nike N.354 "Label Collection"

The newest footwear line to come out of the Nike camp look like experimental  prototypes; and that's why they're so good!

N.354 explores fit and comfort re-thinking convention from the inside out. Three shoes kick off the range; the Drop-Type, AF1-Type & Huarache-Type all in predominantly white uppers with hits of off white, red, blue and black.  

Each silhouette appears to have been deconstructed and with a whole new set of parameters for material choices and placement. Together, each shoe's DNA is used to spark new ideas that explore and push the boundaries of footwear design. Simultaneously standing for the past, present and future, N.354 encourages an unapologetic celebration of raw ingenuity.

Available now in store and online HERE



Level 1 / 35 Adelaide St 

Brisbane 4000


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