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Hypebeast Magazine Issue #32

Product image 1Hypebeast Magazine Issue #32
Product image 2Hypebeast Magazine Issue #32
Product image 3Hypebeast Magazine Issue #32
Product image 4Hypebeast Magazine Issue #32
Product image 5Hypebeast Magazine Issue #32

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Hypebeast Magazine #32

Hypebeast Magazine #32 is dubbed The Fever Issue for a very particular reason: the designers, artists and creatives spotlighted in its pages either lean into the feverish pace and unrelenting intensity of our current cultural climate, or disregard it completely — instead opting for an anachronistic ethos that stands in stark contrast to the cultural fever.

Undercover founder, creative polymath and cover star Jun Takahashi falls in the latter group, as he’s been painting for a decade but is only now revealing his artwork to the public. One of his signature faceless portraits can be seen on the cover, and inside the magazine, there’s a wide-ranging conversation with him about his creative process, what made him decide to share his paintings with the world after a decade of artwork anonymity, and how making art informs his unique perspective.

Also spotlighted in the photos above is Paris Texas, the Los Angeles-based rap group. Members Louie Pastel and Felix describe their sound as “over-caffeinated,” an apt label that’s proven by their boisterous back-and-forth banter and good-natured sh*t talking across their interview. THUG CLUB founder Yeong Min Cho, one of Korea’s foremost iconoclasts, riffs on how he’s riding the hallyu wave on his own terms as well as the viral success his brand’s garments have enjoyed, while the one-two punch of Small Talk Studio founders Nick Williams and Phil Ayers discuss the process behind their story-filled, hand-illustrated garments as well as their plans for expansion. Filipino-British hatmaker Benny Andallo shares his mission to “crown you” with his bespoke hats and also shows off a selection of his favorite designs, while we explore the evolution behind London-based brand Mowalola and its founder Mowalola Ogunlesi talks about shining a spotlight on her Nigerian heritage with her provocative designs.

The Circle Issue also includes exclusive stories with Hypebeast 100 awardees, such as KIDSUPER, Julian Klincewicz, andKyle Ng's Brain Dead, who discuss everything from breaking stigmas around subcultures to the intention behind their brands. Hypebeast Magazine #31 also features interviews with graffiti artist KATSU, photographer Nadia Lee Cohen, and digital furniture designer Muddycap. The founders of Ghanaian streetwear brand FREE THE YOUTH and Iranian artist Bijan Berahimi discuss the diaspora and the beauty of their respective cultural heritage, while Turnstile, the hottest band in hardcore, discusses evolving the genre and what makes it so unique, while Zack Bia speaks on his Field Trip Records label.

Besides that, there are extensive features with vinyl record collectors and DJs, a hand-dying how-to from Lookout & Wonderland, a roundtable with three creatives pushing the boundaries of AI design, and features with POST ARCHIVE FACTION (PAF), Sillage founder Yuthanan, Western Hydrodynamic Research, plus much more, from a rare bookstore guide to a chat with TikTok creators and product spotlights on unique chairs, light sculptures, and dumbbells.

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