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Nike N110 D/MS/X Release Details

The story goes; Mark Parker was a day away from his deadline to register the name of his new sportswear company when the brand's only employee at the time came to him saying the word 'Nike' came to him in a dream.. the crucial decision was made last minute to ditch the initial 'Dimension Six' name and go with Nike; the goddess of victory, and the rest is history! 

D/MS/X (or Dimsix) is the next of three new lines (the others being N.354 & The 10th) from Nike celebrating the roots of the brand. The debut shoe from the D/MS/X range shares the same name and is the first to utilise Nike's new N110 Flyknit Yarn.

The bold and colourful upper features cut-out sections for increased ventilation and see-through segments made possible by the new N110 Flyknit technology challenging standard proportions and exploring the limits of what's acceptable.


The Nike N110 D/MS/X will release at midnight online (00:00am) Saturday the 13th of July HERE. Men's Sizes (US) 7-13 including half sizes will be available for $230 a pair. Any remaining pairs from the online release will be available in store from 10am the same day. 


Level 1 / 35 Adelaide St

Brisbane 4000



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