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Toyo Steel Parts Box M-8 MG Moss Green

Product image 1Toyo Steel Parts Box M-8 MG Moss Green
Product image 2Toyo Steel Parts Box M-8 MG Moss Green
Product image 3Toyo Steel Parts Box M-8 MG Moss Green

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M-8 History
・M-8 was born and manufactured in Higashi Osaka. Throughout its history, M-8 has been used for organizing small parts such as screws and other tools.
・M-8 doesn‘t have a lid, so you can get a good view of what’s inside.
・Plastic boxes can easily be cracked, but M-8 is made of steel, so it is sturdy and durable. M-8 has been supporting craftsmen’s worksites for a long time. That’s the root of M-8.

M-8 Design
・The body of M-8 has a “tapered shape” made by drawing technology. Other Toyo toolbox have a straight body shape, but the M-8 has its tapered shape in order to make it easier to scoop small parts by hand. This is of special importance to TOYO STEEL with safety and workability in mind.
・M-8 has handles on the left and right sides. When you store items inside, fold the handles inside. By doing this, you can stack multiple M-8s without damaging your items. When there is nothing inside the M-8, tilt these handles outwards. Because of its tapered design, you can also stack multiple empty M-8s without being bulky.

How to use M-8
TOYO STEEL has updated the M-8 with a selection of colors that matches to modern living. A design that combines functionality and aesthetics. You can organize your items for your home, or for outdoor activities. It is a good fit for gardening, or for in-vehicle use as well.

Features and specifications
・Pressed from a single steel plate and seamless
・Keeping it safe from leakage
・Excellent rust prevention effect with a galvanized finish
・Excellent durability & functionality.

About paint on handles
Since it is a sliding part of the opening and closing, the paint will be chipped.

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