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Medicom Toy Be@rbrick The Purple Smurfs 400%

Product image 1Medicom Toy Be@rbrick The Purple Smurfs 400%
Product image 2Medicom Toy Be@rbrick The Purple Smurfs 400%

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The Purple Smurfs 400% Be@rbrick 

A Purple Smurf is a Smurf who has been infected with the "purple disease" by either a Purple fly or by another Purple Smurf, usually by biting them in the tail. A Purple Smurf usually hops around with gritted teeth, making "gnap gnap gnap" noises, and searching for his or her next victim. A Purple Smurf can be cured by inhaling the pollen of a tuberose blossom, causing him or her to sneeze and restoring him or her back to normal.

"The Purple Smurfs" is one of the many comic book adventures featuring the Smurfs, a group of small, blue-skinned creatures living in a fantasy world. The Smurfs gained widespread popularity through comics, animated TV series, films, and now Be@rBricks.


  • Papa Smurf approved 
  • Tuberose blossom not included 
  • 400% is approximately 28cms tall
  • 400% BE@RBRICK by Medicom Toy
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