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Medicom Toy Be@rbrick The Astro Smurf 400% & 100% Set

Product image 1Medicom Toy Be@rbrick The Astro Smurf 400% & 100% Set
Product image 2Medicom Toy Be@rbrick The Astro Smurf 400% & 100% Set

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The Astro Smurf 400% & 100% Set Be@rbrick 

"The Astrosmurf" is a comic book story featuring the popular Belgian comic book characters, the Smurfs. It was originally created by Belgian cartoonist Peyo and first published in 1970.

The AstroSmurf is a smurf who wants to travel to outer space, so he tries to build a rocketship, but it fails to get off the ground and so he grows moody and depressed. Papa Smurf and the other smurfs make a plan in order to cheer him up. They say to him that Handy Smurf repaired the rocket and urge him to board it and become the first appempt to take off again. Before he boards the ship, they have him toast to the voyage with spiked raspberry juice, which promptly puts him to sleep. After that, the smurfs dismantle the ship and take it to a volcano, where they disguise themselves as aliens named "Swoofs", so Astrosmurf believes he has arrived to another planet..

The Astrosmurf character is distinct from the other Smurfs due to his blue space suit and rocket pack. He becomes a central figure in the story, showcasing bravery and resourcefulness as he confronts different challenges.

"The Astrosmurf" is one of the many comic book adventures featuring the Smurfs, a group of small, blue-skinned creatures living in a fantasy world. The Smurfs gained widespread popularity through comics, animated TV series, films, and now Be@rBricks.


  • Papa Smurf approved 
  • Spiked raspberry juice not included 
  • 400% is approximately 28cms tall
  • 400% BE@RBRICK by Medicom Toy
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