New Arrivals

Sneaker Freaker Magazine is back in 2014 with a follow-up to their box office hit Alvin Purple Gel Lyte III and it comes in the form of Alvin’s rampant love child Melvin! As if Alvin’s antics weren’t enough SF revisit the inspiration for their first Asics collaboration but this time it’s base is the fantastic Gel Kayano Trainer.

The colourway takes inspiration from the “Melvin, Son of Alvin” movie artwork, applying deep onyx tones with bright yellow accents with a small hint of Lavender to echo the first part of this project. As with all Sneaker Freaker releases the details aren’t lacking with speckled midsole, 3M flecks along the cage and heel counter as well as asymmetrical blocking on the medial side of each shoe.

Coming equipped with two sets of laces (black/white speckle or black/yellow speckle) the Son of Alvin does not disappoint when you stack it up against all of Sneaker Freaker’s previous efforts. Teamed with the fantastic base that is the Gel Kayano Trainer and you have a collaboration that once again does Australia proud!

The Sneaker Freaker x Asics Gel Kayano Trainer “Melvin Son of Alvin” will release this Saturday October 18. As always we will have in-store release at 10am and any remaining pairs will go online HERE at 12-midday. Don’t miss out!!

Sneaker Freaker Asics Gel Kayano Trainer – RRP: $200

Sizes: 1x US7, 1x US8, 2x US9, 4x US10, 5x US11, 5x US12 = 18 Pairs

*These are exempt from all promotions, no discount or online codes apply to this release.

In-store release is a first-come-first-serve basis. Strictly no holds, favours, pre-orders or any silly business is allowed. 1 pair per person.

Ladies and gentlemen what you see before you is a pretty big deal… This shoe is probably the best thing we’ve had come across our desk in a pretty long time but that’s a pretty partial opinion.


Many of our “older” customers may remember this shoe (if you don’t we’d suggest you get familiar with the movie we’re about to make reference to ASAP) as the footwear of choice for Billy Hoyle in 1992′s White Men Can’t Jump. In a movie packed with heat (inc. Air Flight Lights and Infrared VIs amongst others) it was Nike’s Air Command Force that was the real hero on the feet of Woody Harrelson’s character Billy Hoyle.

Coming at a time when on-court footwear was (arguably) at it’s best for the sneaker-minded the shoes were always going to be the main star and the David Robinson endorsed pump series sat atop the Nike footwear throne for many. Whilst others were preoccupied with Jordan’s reign (which was just warming up) the absolute insanity that was the Command Force, Air Pressure and Air Force 180 Pump really captured the hearts and wallets of many.

Whilst MJ’s series would continue through but the pump technology wouldn’t continue on after the famous three, with rumors aplenty as to why none can argue that it was sad to see it so short-lived.

Unlike the Air Force 180 that returned not long ago minus it’s signature duel-zone pump system the Air Command Force comes equipped with a fully-functional Air-Fit System. The system consists of an inflatable Air bladder placed in an anatomically correct position behind, above and below the ankle. The Air-Fit System can be inflated by pressing the bladder located on the lateral side of the shoe, and deflated to create a desired fit and feel by depressing the valve cylinder on the heel.

The Nike Air Command Force will be available this Saturday October 18. As always we will have in-store release at 10am and any remaining pairs will go online HERE at 12-midday.

Nike Air Command Force – RRP: $280

Sizes: 1x US8, 1x US9, 1x 9.5US 3x US10, 4×10.5US 1x US11, 2x US12, 1x US13 = 14 Pairs

*These are exempt from all promotions, no discount or online codes apply to this release.

In-store release is a first-come-first-serve basis. Strictly no holds, favours, pre-orders or any silly business is allowed. 1 pair per person.

Vans and palm trees are a match made in heaven. Is there any two things more Californian? Probably; but we don’t want to know about it ’cause it would ruin where we’re going with this blog post…

On the back of the white/blue joints that dropped a little while back we have a follow up colourway of the embroidered Palm Authentix LX switching out the light tones for a deep navy and contrasting red stitch. Get them in-store and online now.


Just a quick one here, we were waiting on the final piece from the ICNY x Staple collection in form of the reflective beanie you see here. While it looks like a regular red beanie by day, once it dims and the lights come out you see that it’s riddled with reflective fibers in true ICNY fashion. Very cool, and available now.


The Flyknit Roshe Run is back again! This time we’ve got a duo of colours which are pretty much complete opposites in their approach. On one hand we have the Mineral Teal version which sees the aforementioned colour heathered randomly amongst orange and bright turquoise to give each pair a unique summery pattern. No pair is the same so some might come equipped with more teal whilst others will cop a bit more orange.

What does remain the same on all pairs is the Volt coloured swoosh for contrast and the bright white sole. Given the recent increase in temperature we can’t think of a more fitting colourway for this summer. With the comfort and breathability of Flyknit worked into the equation these are a real winner in our eyes.

Second is no runner up in this duo with the long-awaited and oddly hyped arrival of the “Triple Black” version of the Flyknit Roshe. Unlike some previous versions you might have clocked earlier this is black to the bone, with the sole and upper all being covered in the sombre hue.

The only break comes from the few dark grey threads woven throughout the upper offering some visual texture alongside the weave of Flyknit.

You can grab both colourways (or what’s left by the time you’ve read this) both in-store and online right now.

‘Tis the season to be… packing…? Alright it’s probably a bit early to get into the Christmas spirit but we’re sure it wont be too long until the TV is blaring out carols and telling you what to buy for your mum “this holiday season”. What does this all have to do with our new arrivals from Herschel? Probably nothing unless you’re planning on buying that special someone a backpack or duffel for Chrissy. If however you’re just in need of a new carrying device may we suggest one of the new pieces or one of the favourites we’ve just restocked on. There’s not much more we can say about Herschel that already hasn’t been mentioned so we’ll just leave it at that. Available in-store and online riiiiiiiight… NOW.


adidas have teamed up with Italia Independant: brand of GQ’s Man of the Year (2007) Lapo Elkann to create a capsule collection centered around the brands smash-hit Flux silhouette. For this season the NY-born Italian has created a houndstooth camouflage to set this footwear out from your regular pieces.

The ZX Flux NPS gains it’s name from rather utilitarian roots, with the acronym referring to the NeoPrene Sock that creates a tight form-fitting feel on the foot. The upper comes constructed from predominately ballistic woven mesh similar to the versions we saw of the regular flux not long back. The overlaid stripes are slightly opaque showing the weave underneath and the Torsion sole unit’s signature heel cage is done up in a carbon textures vac-formed material for added detail.

The signature camouflage is used both on the neoprene boot as well as underneath the icey blue sole, translucent outsoles are always going to be a winner around here and adding a colour tint adds a bit more. Lace options are navy blue or electric blue.

The run-of-the-mill Flux also gets the camouflage treatment albeit a much more wide use of the pattern. The upper constructed from the same smooth nylon we’ve seen in previous photo-print applications gets a full woodland hounds tooth camo treatment.

Touches like the camouflage under laid translucent sole and the Italia Independent branding carry over from the NPS but the heel cage and stripes remain more true to what we’ve come to expect from the ZX Flux. An off-white midsole paired with similar coloured alternate laces offer some good contrast to the otherwise dark uppers.

The adidas ZX Flux by Italia Independent will be available in very limited quantities in-store at 10am Wednesday October 15 and online two hours later at midday here.

The two latest Transformers Master piece figures from Takara Tomy have landed!

Decepticon Soundblaster, for those not familiar with the story, is an original TF character and not just a black version of Soundwave. Soundblaster is the result of Soundwave’s final showdown with Blaster which left both robots completely destroyed. Soundwave’s body is blown apart but his remains are salvaged by his cassette warriors and Scorpinok subsequently reconfigures the remnants of Soundwave into Soundblaster.

This figure is epic standing 12 inches tall and made from plastic and diecast; Soundblaster comes complete with Ratbat cassette tape, clear red Energon Cube and translucent red Megatron in gun form.

Soundblaster -

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 2
Endurance: 6
Rank: 8
Courage: 5
Fireblast: 6
Skill: 10

On the Autobot side OG character; Wheeljack makes his first Masterpiece appearance in Lancia Stratos form. A known inventor and tinkerer; the cartoon version of Wheeljack is well known for his part in creating the Dinobots. Wheeljack’s consistent production of new weapons and gadgets and his compulsion to test the weapons himself, makes him one of the most danger-prone Autobots. Most efficient in vehicle mode he can fly within a range of 800 miles by way of the solid fuel rockets built into his arms. Wheeljack’s shoulder cannon enables him to fire a variety of artillery including his magnetic inducer, shrapnel needle and gyro-inhibitor shells.

Wheeljack -

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 7
Endurance: 5
Rank: 8
Courage: 9
Firepower: 7.5
Skill: 10

Both Soundblaster and Wheeljack are available now in store and in our online shop HERE.

10 Deep keeps trucking along, coming up on their 20th anniversary next year there’s little left for them to prove. Having made it this far they are now in illustrious company, not many labels can say they’ve made it to their tenth anniversary let alone double that so kudos to these NY stalwarts.

For their most recent season things aren’t too much different to what we’ve come to expect from them in the last few years. Is this a bad thing? Not really, as it always seems to reflect 10 Deep’s natural flow. Instead of feeling repetitive or played out it just seems like the same old 10 Deep we all know and love.

The last few seasons have definitely featured a heavy Japanese influence and this time is no exception, with Katakana characters gracing many of the tees (short and long sleeve) as well as headwear. Given the landslide of emails and calls last season for the Katakana pieces we doubt these will last through the week so we’d suggest you stop reading at this point and click through to the online store now…

If you’re still with me we’ll move on to a touch of tie dye and a pocket tee to boot. Both are staple designs in 10 Deep’s range, both the Tribes pocket tee and New Standard tee feature in just about every season changing their materials to suit whatever the current theme may be. Always a welcome addition to our shelves nonetheless.

The headwear department is always a solid one for 10 Deep and (if you hadn’t guessed it yet) things are much the same this season. Matching up well with the clothing from the range much like the tees the Japanese themed pieces are never going to hang around long with the suitably awesome pink number not lasting very long at all.

The Local Native snapback although regularly named is anyhting but; with a low-profile unstructured 6 panel construction and elongated brim giving the whole hate a decidedly Polo cap vibe. Something a bit different and we definitely appreciate it.

Check the whole range from 10 Deep online and in-store now.

It’s that time of year again, new Sneaker Freaker is here! This issue’s jam packed with a bunch of new collaborations, some killer features and one of the covers even has the infamous Nike Tuned Air (aka TNs) on the cover, something we don’t ever recall being featured anywhere else.

Drop by the store and grab a new copy or head over to the online store now to get yours.