New Arrivals

For the second time in 2014 we welcome a new season from Canadian label Raised By Wolves. Whilst a relatively young company (compared to some of the names that populate our shelves) RBW has quickly gained a reputation for high quality Canadian and American made apparel and accessories with a distinctive finish.

For this season RBW heads outdoors into the wilderness, helped by the artistic input of Arran Gregory the range mixes classic streetwear staples with materials more often seen on the trails than the stoop.

Headwear built from oiled Millerain cotton, Woolrich wool, hi-tech Dintex fabric and heavy knits sit alongside graphic tees, nylon and reflective coach jacket and a collection of “Wolfy” patch pieces inspired by Vietnam War-era bootleg Snoopy artwork.

Drop by in-store to see the new Raised By Wolves range in person or buy it online now.

As their 20 year anniversary looms nearer, it’s pretty impressive to consider that for almost two decades now 10 Deep has been pumping out their wares from NYC. No mean feat for any business, given the fickle nature of the clothing industry it’s even more commendable.

Finding him through the dark deep trenches of the interwebs, 10 Deep teamed up with  Nate James this season to transfer his artwork onto a few pieces in the form of this capsule collection featuring a trio of long and short sleeve tees.

Drawing from their roots this season sees much of what we all know 10 Deep for; bold prints over this season’s marble print sum up the whole range, with signature prints along with the use of reflective ink and split materials help to add depth beyond just simply graphic tees. The Cut & Sew pieces are few but with a baseball jersey, raglan and printed flannel what there’s still plenty of choice.

Headwear comes way of the usual array of bucket hats, snapbacks and Ironsides 5 Panel. The entire new 10 Deep season is available in-store and online now.

adidas has been making some big moves in 2014 and it’s not about to let up moving into the final months of the year with one of the most highly anticipated drops set to release this Friday.

For those devout adidas fans the name “Tubular” will bring back memories of 90s tech-overload. When they introduced the original Tubular model adidas set out to redefine what people thought an air-sole shoe design could be with a literal tube of rubber running along the outsole that could be customised through digitally monitored air pumps. For 2014 the name Tubular is back, but not as how we ever knew it…

Doing away with the frankly finicky and over-the-top air pump systems the new Tubular sole employs the same concepts but uses EVA foams instead. Transplant that onto a new design upper and you get the shoe you see here, the Tubular Runner.

Many will recognise this shoe’s similarities to the runaway success that is the Y-3 Qasa, a shoe that was designed (unsurprisingly) by the man who also birthed the Tubular Runner for adidas Originals. Where the Qasa retains a distinctly Japanese influence of Yohji Yamamoto, the Tubular Runner takes much more inspiration from the adidas ZX archives (in particular the ZX7000) and brings the design language into 2014.



Releasing this coming Friday November 21st, the adidas Tubular Runner is available in the two colourways you see here; Black or Grey. As always we will have in-store release at 10am and any remaining pairs will go online HERE at 12-midday. Don’t miss out!!

adidas Tubular Runner (Black) – RRP: $150

Sizes: 4US x 1, 5US x 1, 6US x 1, 7US x 1, 8US x 2, 9US x 2, 10US x 2, 11US x 2, 12US x 1, 13US x 1

adidas Tubular Runner (Grey) – RRP: $150

Sizes: 8US x 2, 9US x 2, 10US x 1, 11US x 2, 12US x 1, 13US x 1

*These are exempt from all promotions, no discount or online codes apply to this release.

In-store release is a first-come-first-serve basis. Strictly no holds, favours, pre-orders or any silly business is allowed. 1 pair per person.


Nike’s Roshe Run onslaught keeps on truckin’ with a drop of this dynamic duo. Done up in desaturated tones there’s some classic black/white (which almost caused our website to meltdown) and a really nifty grey/charcoal which plays to the dark sole/light upper colour blocking that’s oh-so-right.

If past experience is anything to go by these wont be hanging around for very long at all so we’d suggest you head over to the online store and cop a pair before they’re gone.


We will be closed for the G20 Public Holiday tomorrow (FRI 14th) but as always our online shop is open for business 24/7. For tomorrow only we will be taking 20% off everything in our online  shop (*except excluded brands listed on the flyer). All you have to do is enter code : G20 at checkout to get your discount. Click the flyer below to head on over and see what’s on offer…

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Is there a figure more heavily associated with our fine country than Mick “Crocodile” Dundee? If there is we’d like to know but if you head anywhere in the world chances are someone is going to eventually whip out one of the many quotable lines from the movie in conversation. A single movie both thrust Australia onto the stage and at the same time made us all out to be a country of croc-fighting, knife-wielding clueless larakins… Some of it was true we admit (who doesn’t love a good croc wrestle?) but ultimately it’s all a bit more exciting than the actual reality.

Nevertheless as soon as we hit the shores of a foreign land Australians love to ocker it up and let their accent run free, maybe we’re a bit guilty of playing to the stereotypes but who doesn’t really want to be a badass wide brim hat wearing expert bush tracker?

Americans in particular took a liking to our mannerisms and it’s only fitting that a company out of Oregon should create a sneaker tribute to that famous character Crocodile Dundee. Nike has taken their Dunk Hi CMFT; built for improved wear over the original version of this classic silhouette and gone ham on the details.

A snakeskin upper with black cracked leather echoes Mick’s hat pretty well (including a moc stitch that reminds us of croc teeth), and the beige tongue is that bare-chested vest all over again. The signature swoosh is done up in chrome with some serration, a perfect representation of THAT scene.

Overall it’s great to see a bit of love for Australia from our foreign counterpairs, something that we haven’t seen in a while (maybe the Melbourne Dunk SB?) and regardless of what you might have against themed footwear these days this is a cracker of a release. Saddle up and get in-store or use the crazy contraption that is the internet to get a pair before they death roll out of existence…


Last week we introduced you all to our new Japanese label Bounty Hunter but this week we’re going to the US of A to show you a new brand for us; Black Scale. Being born out of San Francisco some time ago, these guys have built a veritable empire based around their distinctive graphics and lookbooks. Boasting flagship stores in the States and Japan, Black Scale is taking no prisoners whilst they spread their message of questioning the ideals of everyday society & to decipher the world objectively, disregarding the view of the status quo. For our premiere season of Black Scale we have a range of shirts, headwear and accessories to give everyone an idea of what the brand is about. Drop by the store to check it out in person or view the range online now.


The shop will be closed this coming Friday (14th), Saturday (15th) and Sunday (16th) due to G20. If you’re in the City before Friday we have loads of new releases on offer from all your favourite brands including Bounty Hunter, SSDD, FUCT, Alife,For The Homies, 10 Deep, Blvck Scvle, The Hundreds, Nike, adidas originals, Asics,New Balance and heaps more. If you can’t make it in, don’t forget our online store is open for business 24/7.

For The Homies is back again with more of that good ish you all love. Last delivery was ‘Ye-riffic but this time it’s back to some more Homies-central stuff; standout being the Tech Coach Jacket.

Featuring the signature Rollies lining along with the same weatherproof construction of other Tech pieces from the brand, it’s lightweight and fully packable into the inner pocket.

This season’s graphics also get a run on some summer-weight tees along with the classic A For The Homies T-Shirt piece, a staple in the range since forever. The same imagery is carried over to the caps as well with the whole range done up in black/white/grey, no colour at all just the way we like our Homies. Peep the full range in-store and on the website now.

Sippin’ on that SYRAP!

Since really coming back into the fray Alife has been getting us all misty-eyed about the early 2000s and streetwear. Back when tees were $80 (at least) and if you saw someone wearing the brand you liked it was almost certain that the two of you would be instant bro’s. These days things have changed a bit but Alife has somehow maintained that same feeling a decade or more later. Maybe it’s because they were and continue to do things their own way and none else.

Alife drops are never large, instead we concentrate on a few select pieces rather than having a landslide of new stock for everyone to pick through. With a handful of new tees and headwear things are pretty much run-of-the-mill Alife. Simple typeface, patterned inserts and a bit of weirdness for good measure. Check it online and in-store now.