New Arrivals

Ladies and gents we have a fair few things dropping this weekend so here’s a bit of a refresher…

First cab off the rank is the second coming of the adidas Equipment Guidance ’93. We went into a fair bit of detail about this shoe earlier in the week. Retail is set at $160 and the size curve is US8 – US12 (inc 10.5).

As well as the Guidance we will also be getting the Highs And Lows x Le Coq Sportif “Swan Pack” consisting of two LCS R1000s representing either a Black Swan or White Swan and a matching reversible jacket that is black/white on opposing sides. Both shoes and the jacket are $170ea with shoe sizes US8-US13 and the jackets S-XL.

With all of our limited releases in-store release is a first-come-first-serve basis. Doors open at 10am. Strictly no holds, favours, pre-orders or any silly business is allowed. 1 pair per person. If there are any left they will go up in our online store at midday. Good luck!

The Roshe Run continues it’s march into the streets after the last delivery we received lasted all of a few days before selling out. This time things get somewhat more colourful, using a deep navy blue accented by a lighter shade of blue on the swoosh and accompanying heel tab. These wont last long so there’s no point really talking about them any longer ’cause they’ve probably all gone by the time you finish this sentence…

It’s been a minute since we received an Air Max 90 around here and the rest has done the 90 well. A bit of time away means that when we get them back we remember what we love about them. That wedgey shape, thermoplastic detailing and that fantastic sole are all good reasons why this shoe should never be underestimated. This particular colourway kicks it back to the 90s with a colourway that comes off looking like a quasi-og. Similarities to the “Spruce” OG are there, but the black mudguard makes sure there’s no confusion.

As well as footwear Nike has dropped a couple of Windrunners which given the apparent windyness going around Brisbane at the moment is perfectly timed. The choices are either a traditional nylon makeup (in either Navy or straight Black) and a number outfitted with Nike’s new Tech Fleece material. Either way the choice is going to be the right one so it’s really just down to personal opinions.

We needn’t forget the ladies with our latest Nike delivery, with a trio of new styles for you to choose from. The Air Max Thea makes it’s debut on our shelves in this blacked out JCRD version. Featuring a heritage inspired design but optimised for the female foot this model has more than a few of the gents green with envy over it’s sleek shape and monotone colourways.


The Air Max 1 is a pretty versatile shoe, it takes to just about any colour blocking pretty well thanks to it’s panel breakups. We can thank Tinker Hatfield for that but sometimes all the crazy colourways can get a bit too much so it’s nice to take things back to the simplistic roots and keep it tonal. With a predominately black upper only a few hints of purple break up the monotony making these a killer everyday wear.

It’s mindblowing to think that the Nike Free is already a decade old. When we look back at the original model that introduced the now-commonplace thinking it’s hard to fault this creation. The idea of Toby Hatfield (brother of Tinker); Free set in motion a whole industry of footwear aimed at pairing back the unnecessary frills of sports footwear. It seems like only yesterday there were rumours of the 1.0 runners ruining people’s feet with the barefoot-like ride and many were balking at the original Free’s futuristic looks which reminded us of the Presto. Now a decade later the Free has aged well and a lick of Nike’s (now) signature Volt yellow helps bring this womens colourway into 2014. Available now in store and online HERE.


The Air Huarache has been garnering a fair bit of interest in the last 18 months, thanks in most part to some (very) mainstream popularity within the UK. Thanks in part to the boom in retro sports footwear and someone’s stylist obviously being a fan of the Huarache sightings of things like the Stussy collaboration and the white/volt from the early 2000s (a favourite of one of our mums that cost a pricely $30 in the mid ’00s) these have risen to father/son camping levels across the pond.

Regardless of the hype now, the Huarache has never actually been very popular with the mainstream so it’s odd to see them causing such a stir decades after they almost didn’t make it into production thanks to a measly 50 pairs being ordered American-wide. If it weren’t for the huge risk taken by Tom Archie putting in an order for 5000 pairs to sell at the NY Marathon in the Nike booth this story would have been much shorter and dare we say shoes a fair bit duller.

Nevertheless the story doesn’t end there and until recently the Huarache had enjoyed cult status within sneaker circles but outside of the devout few they simply didn’t resonate. The early 2000s retro wasn’t particularly successful at the time with plenty of pairs hitting the sales racks at the time now selling for up to 10 times their original purchase price.

We’ve been lucky enough to stock various Huarache models over the years but a straight Air Huarache retro on the original sole tooling has been very hard to obtain aside from the ACG inspired versions from a few years back. Thankfully the drought is finally over with this pair coming our way dressed in contemporary colourways bringing this early 90s silhouette into the current decade. Stock is extremely limited so drop by the store or grab a pair online now whilst stocks last.


Australian footwear collaboration veterans, world-renowned Perth store and all-round good guys Highs And Lows are embarking on their next project and they have selected Le Coq Sportif as the brand to work with. For this footwear collaboration the guys have continued the smart riffing by taking a uniquely Western Australian bird; the black swan and giving the LCS R1000 a new lease on life.

Given Le Coq’s affiliation with avian creatures the use of a swan for inspiration is no coincidence we’re sure. The black swan is most common in WA and has become a symbol of our Western brethren. The elegant creatures are recognized across the world and to adapt their signature colour scheme HAL reverted to a toe-dipper colourway using a super premium black nubuck and calfskin leather starkly contrasted by a bright read “beak” up front.

To bring the concept full-circle HAL has also added a white version to this project creating a homage to the white swan which apposed to it’s black relative lives exclusively in the Northern Hemisphere. In this way HAL pays tribute to Le Coq Sportif’s French heritage and also gained the opportunity to create another great shoe to accompany the black version. As you can see the white version flips out the black for the lighter hue, pretty simple but it gives the shoe a whole new look.

Using the LCS R1000 as a base for their collaboration is a refreshing change from the plethora of Flash and Eclat models that we’ve seen recently as the Le Coq Sportif running catalogue is much deeper than many realise. The R1000 is only one of many fantastic 90s tech running creations by the French label and we hope that the coverage that this fantastic collaboration brings will help many unconverted realise just how underrated this brand is.

Along with the footwear HAL have also produced a windbreaker with Le Coq Sportif to match. Using the two-faced idea of their shoes the jacket is reversible, featuring white and black opposing sides meaning that it will go well with whichever you chose. Co-branded printing throughout makes sure that you can rep our Western brethren when stuntin’ on them haters.

The Highs And Lows Le Coq Sportif collaborative collection will release this coming Saturday, August 23. Stay tuned for a more detailed look at the pieces and full release details later in the week.

adidas’ Equipment (EQT) line is one of the most important creations in the brand’s history. At a time in the early 90s where many sportswear brands were trying to out-do each other with gimmicky additions to shoes, multi-million dollar endorsement deals and hollywood production ad campaigns. Peter Moore and a team at adidas decided to throw it all out the window; birthing the EQT line and moving away from both bright colours and the signature adidas trefoil logo the range represented the very best of adidas and nothing more. There were no flash endorsements there was initially only the one colourway of white/black/grey and green and when the first range of four shoes released in 1991 they were un-apologetically expensive.

In celebration of the EQT line’s strong retro streak this year adidas has begun to tell this fantastic story so that many can start to comprehend just how impactful and radical this range was in the early 90s. As it expanded to include many other genres the Equipment line still maintained it’s “no bullshit” approach to performance but for many the real memories lie with the first few running silhouettes. This year we’ve seen the EQT Cushion and Racer from 1991 come back (the Support a few years ago) as well as the 1993 Support. To follow on; the ’93 EQT Guidance will be making a return in it’s original white/red guise which the range had adopted (along with blue versions) alongside it’s signature green colourways.

Like all of the EQT retro’s this year the result is fantastic and it’s still pretty heavy to think that these are back and available to purchase again. Release is set for this Saturday, August 23, in-store at 10am and online 2 hours later at midday.


The Vans OTW Prelow is back on our shelves and we somehow forgot how nice this shoe is. Laden with a super lightweight Ultracush sole the Prelow clocks in lighter than just about any pair of Vans we’ve ever seen and the use of a premium perforated navy suede on the upper of this particular pair adds a touch of class. These are available in-store and online right now.

Kidrobot is back in town and it comes packing a clip full of hollow-tipped awesomeness. With new Labbits, plush Yummy keychains plus restocks on the super popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and some Simpsons figures. There’s too much awesomeness to really mention in one hit, instead drop by the store or check it all out via the online store right now.


Releasing tomorrow; Saturday August 16th at 10 am in store is the very limited Packer Shoes x Saucony Grid 9000 “Snow Beach” co-lab. Inspired by the ’90s Snow Beach Polo pullover worn by Raekwon in Wu Tang’s “Can It Be All So Simple” video, these shoes are a Lo-head’s dream collaboration.

Packer approached hip-hop producer extraordinaire Just Blaze to help out on this project, combining his love of Wu, sneakers and his obsession with Polo. When finding inspiration it was hard to look past the infamous Snow Beach jacket.

Using the same materials used on the jacket on the Saucony Grid 9000 to those in the know this colourway is unmistakeable. The use of a Saucony as the base is perfect given the Wu Tang connection and the NY tradition of big upping brands that others would probably overlook. Those that can remember will recall brands like New Balance and Nike’s ACG line hitting the feet of various Wu members in the early 90s; influencing a whole generation.

Packer and Just Blaze selected quite a revered inspiration for this project and you could almost say that they have chosen to play with fire. With something so lauded there’s going to be plenty that will be ready with the criticism but in all honesty we don’t know how this could have been executed any better than what you see here. The attention to detail on these really sets them apart and reminds us all what collaborations exist for. Well done Packer, well done Just Blaze and well done Saucony, these will definitely stand the test of time.

These are exempt from all promotions, no discount or online codes apply to this release.

*Size Curve – 2×7, 2×8, 2×9, 1×10, 2×11, 2×12 = 11 Pairs.

RRPĀ  $180

In-store release is a first-come-first-serve basis. Doors open at 10am. Strictly no holds, favours, pre-orders or any silly business is allowed. 1 pair per person. If there are any left they will go up in our online store HERE at midday.

Nike keeps the Jordan retro’s coming with a new take on the AJIII using the “Sport Blue” colour from the forthcoming Jordan VI. Using what is basically a the OG black III colourway as a starting point Jordan Brand has worked the blue into all the usual places giving us a look that could almost pass off as an OG.

The Nike Air Jordan III “Sport Blue” will be available tomorrow August 16 in strictly limited numbers. As always in-store release at 10am is first, any remaining pairs will be online at 12-noon here.

Available Sizes (US): 1×8, 2×9, 3×10, 2×11, 1×12, 1×13

RRP – $220

*These are exempt from all promotions, no discount or online codes apply to this release.

In-store release is a first-come-first-serve basis. Strictly no holds, favours, pre-orders, laybys or any silly business is allowed. 1 pair per person.