Vans teamed up with surfboard fin sculptors come-clothing entrepreneurs¬† Captain Fin Co to product this slick bucket hat. Done up in black with a collaborative patch and some checkerboard detailing underneath these are a larger hat similar to what you’d call a Boonies hat really.

There’s also a new lineup to the Spackler bucket hat range with this paisley and palm tree dotted number, pretty nifty if you ask us.

The timing on our restock of the Spicoli sunglasses was perfect, we’ve just recently had a few customers come in asking about them and now they’re here! A couple of new colours featuring mirrored lenses as well as a bunch of the straight black ones. As always they’re $20 and wont last long…


There is just 1 week left of our Mid-Year BLOWOUT SALE! Move quick to get 50%-70% off past season sneakers, clothing and accessories. Sizes won’t last so check out our SALE SECTION in our online store or come and pay us a visit in store; we’re open 7 days a week!

Good news folks! We have just received a re-stock of our best selling gear from The North Face. Back in stock we have the damn near indestructible Base Camp Duffels as well as the go-anywhere Hot Shot backpacks.

Perfect for those cold mornings / nights; the Half Dome pullover hoods in blue and black won’t break the bank at just $90 but are guaranteed to keep you warm this winter.

And last but definitely not least the mighty Venture jackets are back in all their water and windproof glory! At just $150 this is all you need to keep you dry in much worse conditions than Brisbane can throw at you. If you missed out on your size last time round make sure you get into store ASAP or you can cop in our online shop HERE. Happy camping!



Bag maker extraordinaire; Herschel have dropped a fresh new batch of goodness on our doorstep. Featuring a handful of new colourways and material mixes on your favourite models along with a restock of a few staples there’s a few to choose from. Rather than explaining them all in detail we’ll let the pictures do the talking, check our full range of Herschel bags and accessories online and in-store now.

We will be open on the Queen’s Birthday Holiday (Monday) from 11am to 4pm but if you can’t make it into the City we are offering 20% OFF EVERYTHING in our online shop for 1. Day. Only! Just enter code GETSOME when checking out to receive your discount. Discount applies in store too. **Excludes items already on sale. Hope you all have a great long weekend!!

Canada’s own Raised By Wolves has dropped a new delivery to quench that thirst for quality streetwear with a hit of badass-ness. Wolves has gained a reputation fast for making some of the best stuff in the biz and it’s garnered quite a following amongst our most discerning customers. Although well known for their knits this season RBW has concentrated mainly on tees and headwear, with a paired back basic theme (aside from the awesome Wolfpack tee).

Standouts in the hats include a reflective digicamo on some hats and a sports mesh bucket. For true sticker freaks there’s also an assortment of individuals or a complete pack.


Undefeated always comes correct with the sportswear influence and the new delivery ain’t no exception to the rule. First up to bat is the Blitz Shirt, that basically is a NFL styled shirt. It’s hard to tell that ’cause it’s not atop a mountain of padding and covered in mud but this piece harks back to a time where NFL players were still average Joe’s with day jobs that liked to play a bit of footy on the side, nowadays there’s more flash than a Liberace concert. Shouts to the number 05 as well, RIP Brocky.

Constructed from a heavy knit cotton it’s decidedly more suited to the current weather than any tee, with a host of touches to add that heir of authenticity.

Rocking the same inspirations albeit in t-shirt form the League Tee does away with the old school flavour and instead takes things to the next level of trendiness with a good dose of polka dots, something that we’re always happy to accept. A few logo rips and the signature number along with a name patch that (if it were real) would be the most badass player name ever.

There’s a decidedly more violent tone to this season of UNDFTD than previous times; sure there was a bit of “play dirty” here and a bit of “full contact” there but generally speaking there’s never been a level of anger to the point of a flaming 5 Strike or the motto emblazoned on the Cash Checks tee. Whilst definitely a little out of character this turn of aggression is welcomed by us, if you want it you gotta be willing to fight for it. If you’re feeling more docile there’s always the classic option though.

Along with the healthy dose of shirts there’s also a volley (aka 5 Panel) done up in the same Shemagh pattern that UNDFTD has been rocking a lot this season. Along with that we’ve also got a grip of 5 Strike vinyl stickers in both black and white. We constantly get asked if we have stickers so now you know, we got some of these.


Sublimation is one of the best processes for transferring complicated printing to notoriously difficult surfaces and materials, for example a t-shirt. What does all of this have to do with our new Wu Tang delivery though? Well look above at the all-over 36 Chambers album cover artwork printed on that tee and you’ll know how it got there. The positive side to sublimation is that there’s no weird creases or wearing away of a print because it’s impregnated into the fabric, not just printed on top.

If the above hoodie looks familiar we’d suggest having a look at the 36 Chambers album cover closely and you’ll recognise that this is in fact the same jumper as worn by the Clan for the cover shoot. That’s right, you’re just a white face mask for being “that dude dressed like the Wu Tang cover”, but in all seriousness this is pretty rad. We’re sure many of you have spent nights staring at that cover wondering if such a piece of clothing exists for those outside the inner-realms of the Wu Tang Clan and now you know it is! Well only until they all sell out that is…

So the box logo wasn’t really anything people in this industry considered a “thing” until Supreme done did it to death (via inspiration from the fantastic Barbara Kruger, look her up and get learned). Wu took the idea, inserted their type and coloured it up like a killer bee so you’re ready to swarm on anybody that says that it’s been done to death.

What do RZA and Method Man have in common? Aside from the obvious they’re also both gracing long sleeve tees this season. Rocking some old school lo-fi vibes through some iconic imagery they come equipped with some sleeve prints to up your instagram slefie pose game, get those sleeves out yo.

The story goes when Coco Chanel was presented with a myriad of choices for her signature fragrance she picked scent No.5 and thus was born one of the most iconic bottled smells ever. If she had picked No.36 things would have turned out differently, perhaps Ms Chanel would have been a bit more hood and we’d all be talking about a “little yellow dress” today; or maybe that was a completely nonsensical bit of writing to try and school everyone on the provenance of this particular tee’s print.

There’s nothing worse than leaving the house without your keys… Well maybe leaving the house without your keys and not having any pants on is worse but technically your keys are still being left in that situation. Anyway, regardless of those pantly problems keys are important and need to be looked after. What better way to do that than through the use of this utterly blinged out Wu keychain carabiner? Blind your mates at the same time as keeping your proverbial shit together. Sorted.

Stale air sucks, we’re all about that fresh air. When your car’s got that funk going on from a few too many McDonalds fries hiding under the seat and that time your mate’s dog jumped into the front seat you need yourself an air freshener. Now you don’t have to settle for that wack Coles brand pine needle scent (who the hell in Australia knows what that smells like anyway) or even worse that really feminine perfume bottle thing that clips onto the air vent. Wu’s range of decidedly more gangsta air fresheners will have your car smelling like a dope ass icecream shop in no time.

So you think that all those Weed socks make you some sort of sock connoisseur? Son you ain’t got shit on most people’s dad’s sock game so don’t even get us started. That being said you can step it up a notch (puns!) by getting your numbers into a set of some Flag socks, sporting some Wu in place of those pesky stars. Patriotism be damned we’re all about the Wu-triotism.

OF’s clothing line is back in town and nobody’s safe. Swisher Sweets is first on the radar with their logo getting the Domo High treatment. If you don’t get the reference it’s ok, Swisher isn’t as much a thing in Australia as it is in the States but just know that they make cheap cigars; you can probably work the rest out from there.

Being a bit easier to get, the High University tee is pretty self explanatory but we’ll give it a crack… It’s the word “High” spelled out in a college font, thus High University. Pretty good description huh?

Since it’s inception one of the most requested items from the OF range would have to be a green “Golf” snapback. Here’s one, finally and it’s done up in a green corduroy. Not to leave it at just that there’s also a Peacock and Flamingo variation, not sure why but the avian names make these at least 2.3 times cooler than if it was just simply “blue” and “pink”.

There’s that Swisher reference again but you already knew that ’cause we explained it so well a little earlier in the post. Similar to the Swisher dealio, chicken and waffles is a decidedly American thing but in all honesty food is a universal language of the human race. When you combine the sweet doughy goodness of waffles with maple syrup along with the salty crunch of fried chicken you end up somewhere heavenly. If you looked up Nirvana in the dictionary it should just have a picture of chicken and waffles, with maybe a few rashers of bacon for the full out-of-body pleasure experience. Anyway, OF know what’s up and put some chicken and waffles on a 5 panel.

Beanies are so hot right now… Get it! Anyway regardless of bad puns there’s a quartet of new warmth preservers for your brain carrier that feature some classic OF graphics.

Last but most definitely not least is the sock lineup. Before we get into too many details let it be known that the cat socks, which were the catalyst for a myriad of phone calls and emails once they hit our Instagram have already sold out. The rad Mellow Hype socks are still in stock however, we’ve got just a few pairs left so if your feet are crying out for a bit of attention they should get you sorted. The full Odd Future range is available in-store and online now.

Following last month’s initial delivery, the second installment of FUCT’s SSDD Spring/Summer range has hit Australian shores. Continuing on with the season’s “Safe At Home” theme inspired by the life and music by Gram Parsons, there’s plenty of reference to Joshua Tree (where Parsons died of an overdose) as well as California itself.

Covering all bases the delivery includes outerwear, tees, flannel, shorts and accessories in the form of pillows and a few bandanas. The entire range is available to peruse now in-store and online via our website.