Kings of sportswear re-appropriation; Undefeated deliver their latest range of goodness to our doorstep and it’s ready to hit the ground running. The Invaders tee gets all college team on us with a wickedly unhappy looking tiger on the back carrying over the vibes from last season…can’t ever have too many tigers. On top of that is a 5 Strike tee and matching beanie in this season’s signature Shemagh print (a traditional Arabic headpiece adopted by armed forces when deployed in the area).

It wouldn’t be an Undefeated drop without some hats and we’ve got a decent array to go around this time. Personal favourite around the shop would have to be the Bolt Starter caps, feat. some radical lightning guaranteed to make you look like you’re going faster sitting still. If gettin’ crit isn’t your thang there’s a handful of other versions that you can check online and in-store now along with everything else.

We’ve just received a stack of new Herschel bags including a couple of brand new styles along with a restock of our most popular models and colourways. Head over to the online shop or drop through the store to check them all out.


Everyone’s favourite store-come-label HUF is back with their latest range of tees, headwear and accessories.

Someone over at HUF headquarters has obviously been munching on some rather gnarly ‘shrooms ’cause there’s a definite psychedelic vibe going on with the new tees. There’s a nice big helping of tie dye mixed in with a pinch of bleaching for good measure.

This delivery comes with a big serving of headwear, featuring some straps, snaps, volleys and beanies galore. With the cool weather creeping up on us slowly the latter will start to get useful quite soon indeed.

Along with the apparel there’s a handful of accessories including the Scout Belt in some new colours (still fitted with a hidden bottle opener!). A HUF Green ashtray and bottle opener look pretty good alongside each other, although if you want to break up the attractive pair and buy them separately that’s fine.

Finally a first for us is these nifty iPhone “home button” stickers. Like most good things it does exactly what the name suggests, sticking to the home button on your iPhone to give it some personality. With the sea of boring black/silver/white slabs of glass that is the modern smart phone, there’s not much you can do to them to spruce things up but this is definitely a step in the right direction. All is available in store and online now.


Fuct SSDD (Same Shit Different Day) is back again for 2014 and it marks only the second time we’ve had this premium range in-store. This latest offering is the USA Spring/Summer ’14 release entitled “Safe At Home”.

This season is much lighter than the previous Fall/Winter delivery, featuring more shirts and unlined jackets. We have just received our first drop of the total range with more to arrive shortly. There are some key pieces from the entire range here featuring the same amount of detail those who know the brand have come to expect. The “In My Hour Of Darkness” black bomber jacket (above) with leopard trim and rose appliques gives a nod to the Gram Parsons song by the same name…

Each piece features it’s own unique flourishes and details all tying back to this range’s theme. Using a few acronyms like FTW (F*ck The World) and of course SSDD this season sees the continuation of classic Americana design, denim shirts with hand drawn artwork, embroidered button-ups, raglans and some nice accessories.

Fuct have also teamed up with power grinding hardcore band Excel to collaborate on a long sleeve tee featuring band logos on the front and down each sleeve and band artwork on the back.

Just in time for the cold snap, the cotton watch cap beanies come in four colours.

Rounding out this delivery we have the Medicine Man glasses which are hand made in Japan. It’s all quality here as you can feel from the moment you pick them up. These come in both clear and tinted lens variations. Everything you see here is available now in store and in our online shop HERE.



10 Deep channeled a Japanese influence for their most recent range, drawing on the country’s mix of spirituality and modernisation to create a collection that is both true to 10 Deep’s signature aesthetic yet also reminiscent of Japan. The use of Japanese imagery, Cherry Blossom patterns and lettering help to draw parallels with the country’s culture.

Not losing sight of their roots, camouflage and paisley patterns are also employed to juxtapose the Asian influence with distinctly Western aesthetics. The most recent delivery from 10 Deep’s latest range spans across a tee, bucket hats, snapbacks and 5 panel caps. The entire range is available now online and in-store.


For their Spring/Summer range Herschel decided to team up with graphic artist Kevin Butler; most notably known for his illustrations series Rad Cars with Rad Surfboards on Them. Using Butler’s signature aesthetic Herschel have reworked the classic Little America to include the series cars printed on the lining, along with using rubber straps and being fully drainable for a long day at the surf. The combination of Defender Green and and the bright white straps makes for a really eye-catching finish.

The Heritage Plus returns for 2014 albeit slightly tweaked to include even more features like organiser pockets and full lined sleeves to protect your valuable technology. This particular version’s olive, navy and neon orange colourway combines the right amount of subtle with a bit of pop to make things interesting.

The final piece in the new items delivered is the Charlie in a new speckled version which adds a bit of graphical texture to this staple card holder.

Along with the new goodness we’ve also re-upped on our most popular styles and colours so drop into the store or jump over to the online shop to check what we have.

New York streetwear kings; 10 Deep have delivered a couple of new pieces from their latest range. The ‘X League’ Crew below features “Internationally Known” and “Tenth Division” Kanji sleeve appliques, Triple X embroidery on the chest, big 10 tackle twill applique on the back and two front pockets.

The Tribes Pocket Tee in Navy and New Standard Tee in Black bring some patchwork paisley into the mix…

And as far as accessories go we have two ‘Perfect Timing’ belts with printed nylon webbing and embossed metal buckle detail. Available now in store and in our online shop HERE.


There was a time where the dreaded socks and jocks was a gift grabbed hastily last minute on the way to any sort of celebration for someone whose personal taste you had no idea of/regard for. Long gone are those days, instead these wardrobe staples have become the mainstay of any respectable outfit. We’re sure there’s people out there with the sock collection game on lockdown, putting any respectable father’s array of Flintstones and Scooby Doo pieces to shame. HUF just dropped a sextuplet (that’s six you pervs) of socks and a trio of new boxers that should add a bit of flair to your look. Check ‘em online and in-store now.


Our first delivery from Carhartt in 2014 has just landed and it’s come correct with everything we’ve come to expect from the Detroit workwear legends. We’ve received a pretty broad range of products, encompassing jackets, jumpers, tees and accessories. As always Carhartt’s build quality and attention to detail never falters.

The Fynn Jacket is done up in Collins Twill a cotton blend that gives a raw denim looking finish without the bleed and rigid feeling. Packing a total of four pockets and subtle Carhartt branding it’s most definitely the perfect outer piece for the cooler days ahead.

Speaking of cooler times; there’s also a trio of sweatshirts. Featuring graphics inline with this season’s story. There’s a few colours to choose from as well as a pocketed number for those who insist on carrying tiny things around on their chest.

The Aldux Shirt makes a return this season, albeit in a thicker weave this time more appropriate for the seasonal changes due to come. The wicked duck formations however remain as they should.

Along with tops; the fantastic Sid Pant has returned in all black, teamed with Carhartt’s bulletproof durability and these will take just about any sort of punishment you’re able to throw at them and still come off looking as good as the day you bought them.

The fantastically simple Carhartt tee range reappears as well with a nice selection for those whose wardrobe staples are starting to look a bit stretched and faded. A few pocket tees and graphic prints should tide you over, check them all here.

On the accessory front there’s plenty of nifty pieces to choose from. First up is an array of new sock designs, ranging from some Carhartt camo to more traditional striped and native patterns. If an Aldux shirt wasn’t enough we’ve also got the matching boxers as well.

The Military Watch has become a seasonal staple for Carhartt in recent years, this time done up in a brushed steel with matching silver face accented with black letters/hands and this season’s “Less Is More” graphic. Differing to previous versions, this one comes with a brown leather strap as well.

Finally we have some Carhartt Camera Straps, coming in either black or olive green with clip-off loops to make life easier and built out of a heavy duty nylon to take a beating these straps should last you a while indeed.

We will be open Australia Day from 11am – 5pm and on the Public Holiday too from 11am to 4pm! Come through if you’re in town…if not we have set up a special discount code for our online customers. Enter code – STREWTH when checking out in our online store to receive 15% off everything in store (*except Jordans) for 2 days only. We hope you all have a great long weekend!!

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