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Mikia Snake Karabiner Bracelet Indigo Silk/Silver

Product image 1Mikia Snake Karabiner Bracelet Indigo Silk/Silver
Product image 2Mikia Snake Karabiner Bracelet Indigo Silk/Silver

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The Karabiner, an indispensable tool for adventurers to climb, was inspired by Mikia's typical motif, Snake Beads, and became the Mikia Karabiner. Iga braid is used for the band part. Iga braid is a traditional handicraft of Japan, consisting mainly of silk and silver threads, and hand-assembled into a bundle of threads. Braids have a long history, and simpler braids were used than in the Jomon period. Braids evolve over time, from practical to decorative. At present, it is inherited as kimono obi straps and haori strings.


Full length:
M: about 20cm L: about 22cm
Around the wrist:
M: about 18.7cm L: about 20.7cm                 
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