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Medicom Toy Be@rbrick Warhol Last Supper V2 1000%

Product image 1Medicom Toy Be@rbrick Warhol Last Supper V2 1000%
Product image 2Medicom Toy Be@rbrick Warhol Last Supper V2 1000%

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Andy Warhol Last Supper Bearbrick Vinyl Figure 1000%.
A unique, timeless collectible trademarked & licensed by the Estate of Andy Warhol. The partnered collectible reveals Warhol's iconic Last Supper imagery wrapping the figure in its entirety. Housed in a standout Warhol collectors box. 

Executed just a year before Andy Warhol’s death in February 1987, the Last Supper is a powerful work touches upon the themes of mortality and religion - themes close to Warhol's heart.

The idea for a group of works based on Leonardo’s Renaissance masterpiece was presented to Warhol in 1984 by Milan-based gallerist Alexander Iolas.

1000% BE@RBRICK by Medicom Toy

1000% is approx 70cms tall

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