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Magic Stick Waste Of Space Museum Merch Tee

Product image 1Magic Stick Waste Of Space Museum Merch Tee
Product image 2Magic Stick Waste Of Space Museum Merch Tee
Product image 3Magic Stick Waste Of Space Museum Merch Tee

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Graphic series of MAGIC STICK, which has always some twist.

The fourth is a merchandising t-shirt for a fictional space museum.

The design source is sampled from a merchandising t-shirt of a natural history museum called “ROSE CENTER FOR EARTH AND SPACE” in NY in the 80's.

It's a positive message that even though we have a lot of problems today, they are very small things when you look at them in the size of a galaxy, and that we should get along better with each other.

The backside of the t-shirt features a layout of museum locations, with Nidavellia at the end being the star of the weaponsmiths in Avengers.

It comes in two colors: a black body with white American rubber with an 80s feel, and a retired charcoal black with a turquoise green rubber print reminiscent of movie “Star Wars”.


This T-Shirts is a wide box silhouette reminiscent of the 90s. The more you wear it, the more it will adapt to your body and the more it will change over time.

The fabric is 100% cotton named “STAY-FRESH-COTTON”, is specially processed with natural ingredients. Reacting to oxygen and moisture, it ctivates antibacterial, antiviral & deodorizing agents. greatly reducing sweat odors and un pleasant odors from indoor drying. In addition, “STAY-FRESH-COTTON” has also been recognized as antiviral processing effect. Reduces the number of specific viruses on the fiber.

It has a function because it is the T-shirt that we are most familiar with in our daily lives and have many opportunities to wear it.

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