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Jungles Life's a Risk Tee Blue

Product image 1Jungles Life's a Risk Tee Blue
Product image 2Jungles Life's a Risk Tee Blue

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Nothing in life ever goes to plan. A life can be many things, but to some it is a casino, and just like any good casino, it's always under surveillance. 'The eye in the sky' is what they call it on the gambling floor, but in this instance it is our loyal lady luck watching down on us from the camera. in this casino of life we have many characters; a winner, a loser and a cheat. We can be all at once or one all together. The casino and these characters are ruled by the dice; lady luck's crystal ball. Now on the dice each side has a number, and each number is a decision. Six variations of eyes for lady luck to see our future through, six different ways we can go right or wrong. Now is it a 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1?


Features graphics by J Ferg.

Prints back and front

pastel mint colour

200gsm cotton, milled to our new and improved specifications. You won't be disappointed with the hand feel and construction of this.

boxy, regular fit

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