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Fxxking Rabbits #FR2 Figure Doll

Product image 1Fxxking Rabbits #FR2 Figure Doll
Product image 2Fxxking Rabbits #FR2 Figure Doll
Product image 3Fxxking Rabbits #FR2 Figure Doll
Product image 4Fxxking Rabbits #FR2 Figure Doll
Product image 5Fxxking Rabbits #FR2 Figure Doll
Product image 6Fxxking Rabbits #FR2 Figure Doll
Product image 7Fxxking Rabbits #FR2 Figure Doll
Product image 8Fxxking Rabbits #FR2 Figure Doll
Product image 9Fxxking Rabbits #FR2 Figure Doll

Regular price $350.00

Originally toy Figure doll is a modeling teacher of, where taking advantage of the technology developed Japan is also developing a variety of work in foreign countries not only in Japan, # FR2 with artists "T9G" which is active in the world-wide make efforts together, unique rabbit, which is also the brand icon has been image is as it is embodied in the world of T9G Figure doll appeared. This time, transcribe image in the illustrations, also can prototype in soft vinyl on the basis of a variety of trial and error and dense meetings (soft vinyl) it many times with what was embodied by using the clay to the original, from there integrated by one coat and eye, was made over a period of time and effort that has been embodied more images in there after it has been carefully carved so that the fine shape of the ear looks three-dimensional to put the color Figure doll has become a you. In addition also points accessories are also particular about the material and design in order to a more realistic representation of the mask and the camera or the like of a removable # FR2. Further box also incorporates the brand color Yellow original design that was dropped logo and illustrations to the base. Figure doll lovers of course, FURNITURE has become integral with also firm presence as.


With respect to the size Figure doll(each Maximum value)

Height... about 39㎝

Ateral Width... approximately 13.5㎝

Depth..... about 7㎝ box

Height.... about 41.8㎝

Ateral..... about 19.5㎝

Depth..... about 17.5㎝


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