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Apotheke Fragrance Incense Sticks "Mystic Voyage"

Product image 1Apotheke Fragrance Incense Sticks "Mystic Voyage"
Product image 2Apotheke Fragrance Incense Sticks "Mystic Voyage"
Product image 3Apotheke Fragrance Incense Sticks "Mystic Voyage"

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An oriental, spicy and woody scent inspired by the voyage during the Age of the Discovery. It’s a blend of spices, flowers and trees that connects the elements of spice route, such as Malacca Islands which proved the world is round, the city in India known as “Golden Goa”, Persia, the Red Sea, Madagascar etc.

Carnation / Clove / Nutmeg / Patchouli / Rose / Saffron / Vanilla / White Pepper / Woods

Bamboo stick incense made by hand in Japan.
Each stick burns 100+ minutes and scents a large space for hours.

Made in Japan / 25 sticks / 13" long / Packaged in thick kraft tube with cork closure / Letterpress Printed Label

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