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Apotheke Fragrance Incense Cones "Black Oud"

Product image 1Apotheke Fragrance Incense Cones "Black Oud"
Product image 2Apotheke Fragrance Incense Cones "Black Oud"
Product image 3Apotheke Fragrance Incense Cones "Black Oud"

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"Black Oud"

Black oud is an oriental woody scent with exotic tone.In Sushruta, an ancient pharmaceutical treatise in India, it says people may apply the smoke of agarwood as perfume, and burned agarwood was also used as an analgesic for

wounds.Agarwood / Cinnamon / Guaiac wood / Black pepper / Vetiver

A cone-shaped incense made by hand one-by-one.A large amount of incense spread in a short time, and you can enjoy the pure scent because there is no core material.A cone-shaped incense is the best way to bring your favorite aroma.You can enjoy it not only at home but also in various situations such as hotels and outdoors.The fire lasts for a long time without scattering the ash by using the attached non-combustible sheet.It's a perfect incense for an incense beginner.Made

in Japan / 20pc / Each cone burns About 20 + minutes

How to use

1.Slide the lid off the container and place it on a flat surface inside out.
2.Place the incombustible sheet black surface up, and put it on the inside of the lid.
3. Place the incense on the incombustible sheet, and light the top.Gently extinguish

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