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Apotheke Fragrance Reed Diffuser "Tears Rain"

Product image 1Apotheke Fragrance Reed Diffuser "Tears Rain"
Product image 2Apotheke Fragrance Reed Diffuser "Tears Rain"

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A clean, musk-based aroma, this elegant and refined scent features a soft, comforting floral aroma.

Carnation / Cyclamen / Jasmine / Lily / Rose / Sandalwood / Tuberose / Violet / White Grapefruit

Reed stick absorbs the fragrance and fills your room with scent. Each bottle with sealing wax is made one by one by hand.

Made in Japan / Net : 8.5 fl oz / Fragrance will last for approximately 6 months / Fragrance, Alcohol carrier, BHT / Amber Glass Bottle, Sealing Wax, Natural Rattan Sticks / Letterpress Printed Label / Packaged in Kraft Box

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