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APFR Incense Cones "Tobacco Cedar"

Product image 1APFR Incense Cones "Tobacco Cedar"
Product image 2APFR Incense Cones "Tobacco Cedar"
Product image 3APFR Incense Cones "Tobacco Cedar"
Product image 4APFR Incense Cones "Tobacco Cedar"

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Tobacco Cedar

An oriental woody scent which reminds you a cigar.

Tobacco reef / Cedarwood / Sandalwood / Citrus / Spice

Cone incense is incense hardened into a cone shape. With no wick, this product provides a different aroma from that of sticks. Incense cones spread more fragrance in a short time and do not scatter ashes. So whether you are traveling, doing outdoor activities, or simply enjoying a quiet moment at your desk, you can enjoy your favorite scent at any time of the day, inside or outside.

Made in Japan / Net: 20 Pieces / Burning time: approx. 20min per cone / Size: 1inch / Tin Box Size: H 33mm, W 61mm, D 96mm / Box size: H 37mm, W 65mm, D 99mm
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